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FirstX VS Hivoe: What’s The Best Tool For Twitter Outreach Marketing?

Written By Jerome Alvarado

Twitter made it easier for brands to build meaningful relationships with their audience, in a more personal and casual way.

But while engaging with your audience publicly helps you humanize your brand and let others see you as a person and not some big, faceless corporation, Direct Messages are where you can make a bigger impact.

DMs are personal, direct, and intimate. That’s why leveraging this Twitter feature is a no-brainer.

Now, it’s important to note that there are several ways you can utilize Twitter DMs. You can use it to engage with your new followers, connect with your fans, or even market your product. And if you wish to do any of that at scale, you’ll certainly want a bit of help from tools that allow you to do just that.

And with that being said, we’d like to discuss one tool that can offer huge help when it comes to handling your DMs, and how it compares with FirstX.

We’re talking about Hivoe.

What is Hivoe?

Here’s Hivoe’s product description on Product Hunt:

“Hivoe solves the problem of kickstarting conversations with your Twitter followers via DMs. Why? – make friends that will support you – find out what content your audience enjoys – ask for feedback on your products – and a lot more!”

Basically, Hivoe is a tool that helps you automize sending welcome messages to your new followers to immediately start conversations and nurture them as potential customers.

But aside from automatic welcome messages, you can also use the tool to send DMs to people on your followers list, create groups of users based on your own criteria, and even automate giveaways.

It lets you save message templates you can use to answer commonly asked questions, or simply save time by avoiding having to write the same message you would be sending again and again.

What Is Hivoe Good For?

While you can definitely use Hivoe for a lot of other purposes, it’s designed specifically to initiate and manage engagement with users who follow you.

It’s an amazing tool to automate engagements with your followers as soon as they follow you, creating a great first impression, and keeping your relationships healthy and meaningful.

Hivoe VS FirstX: Which Is Better?

There is no doubt that Hivoe is amazing at what it does. However, it’s not designed for the same purpose and use case as FirstX.

While Hivoe is created specifically for automating and managing engagement, FirstX is built primarily to streamline your Twitter Outreach Marketing Campaigns.

With FirstX, you can search for your target audience based on your criteria, add them to your list – individually or in bulk – in one click, send bulk and individual outreach DMs, and manage your leads through automatic status updates based on where you are at your convos and/or by using custom tags you can create based on their interest, needs, or where you found them.

FirstX is a robust tool designed to help you find more of your target audience, start conversations, and land your first – or next – customers.

And while FirstX won’t help you with automating welcome messages for your new followers, it allows you to find and connect with people who may otherwise never even know you existed and gives you a way to convert them from total strangers to raving fans.


Hivoe and FirstX are both amazing Twitter tools, with two distinct functions. You can use Hivoe to kickstart conversations with your new followers and nurture them to be your customers, or use FirstX to find and reach out to more people based on your search criteria – even if they have no idea about you and your brand – and get them to take action now.

Or better yet, you can use both at the same time to fast-track your business’ success.

Published on September 6, 2022

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